For our family Easter brunch this year I brought a selection of baked goods to add to the buffet.

The Easter egg shaped sugar cookies are a family recipe which I have linked here. They are the best soft, slightly lemony flavored sugar cookies you will ever have. Sooooo yummy! They were great for Easter but can work for any other holiday. I will have different versions of them for Halloween and Christmas as well.

The cake I made looked great but I still need to work on the recipe so enjoy the picture and I will post the recipe when I perfect it. It will be a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting with chocolate buttercream details.

This vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling is decorated with a vanilla buttercream roses and chocolate buttercream grape wreath and nest. I used candy eggs to fill the nest.

Finally, I absolutely loved baking bagels for our Easter Brunch. They were a big crowd pleaser. I used Peter Reinhart’s recipe from National Geographic. These bagels were perfectly soft and chewy. I chose to make smaller bagels than the recipe suggests (2.3 oz. instead of 4.25 oz.) in order to feed a crowd.

I made plain, everything and blueberry bagels and paired them with three cream cheeses, mixed berry, plain and chive. Everyone loved mixing and matching the flavors. They were so soft, chewy and absolutely delicious.

Everything bagels, plain bagels, blueberry bagels

The baked goods I brought to the family Easter celebration this year paired perfectly with the wonderful Easter ham and potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. I recommend adding some home baked breads and sweets to round out and holiday meal. Happy Easter.

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