A favorite appetizer at any party is a meat and cheese board otherwise known as a charcuterie board. It is meant to be a mix of meat, cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetables even dips or olives. A charcuterie board can be anything you want it to be so you can be creative. I have some tips on how to make a great looking board.

Start with a large platter. Space fills up quickly so make sure you have a large platter to work with. I used this wooden platter.

20×13 inch Threshold brand platter purchased from Target

One, often overlooked, part of the style of the arrangement includes some decorative elements. I typically use edible decorations for the tray so if someone wanted to eat them they could however their main purpose is to make the tray look pretty. For this tray I used !/2 a pear, strawberries, 1/2 lemon and rosemary sprigs. I start my styling with the decorative elements around the perimeter of the platter.

Lemon, pear, strawberries and rosemary sprigs used as decoration

Next add your crackers or breads.

Put crackers in opposite corners of the tray. Gives your guests easy access to the most popular item on the tray.

Next add various cheeses to the platter

Boarder crackers with stacks of cheese.

Now add meat and fill in open space with fruit and vegetables.

Your finished platter will end up looking colorful, delicious and beautiful.

Add this beautiful meat and cheese board to your appetizer table. Your guests will really enjoy this delightful snack.

This is a shot of the appetizers I put together for some friends that were in town. We talked and laughed and ate a bunch of Greek food. It was great fun but as with all get togethers with my good friends, the visit was way too short.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments.

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